Tumacácori National Historical Park

Tumacácori National Historical Park - Flat Stanley

On January 2, 2015 we visited Tumacácori National Historical Park. I really liked the Junior Ranger Program.

3When we asked for it, instead of receiving a book to complete, we received a packet of pictures that we had to find around the park. When you found all of them we went back to the visitor center and a Ranger would ask questions. Before the seek and find we went on a tour. The tour guide was a great docent and told us a lot about the park.  My favorite part was seeing the room where they baptized people back then.  We also got to eat a homemade tortilla that a docent was making. They were delicious. She made everything. Including the beans and salsa. We also saw a really cool garden. There were a lot of different kinds of trees. They planter the trees that grew the fastest on the outside and the ones that did not grow as fast on the inside. It was to give the smaller ones shade. I really liked the Junior Ranger program because it was more hands on learning than anything else. The program also made you see the whole park. The Ranger that asked us questions was Melanie. She was really nice and one of my favorite Rangers that signed me off. She even taught us a cheer to remember how to say the park name. That was my trip to Tumacácori National Historical Park.