Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Casa Grande Ruins - Small Room
Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

On January 3 we went to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. Casa Grande was a fun park with lots of cactus. We got our Junior Ranger programs at the volunteer desk in the back of the building. We first took a tour around the “big house.” We didn’t go inside the big house because it was blocked off and dangerous. We went on a docent lead tour and learned a lot about the the park.  I learned the significance of the park by going on the tour. The park’s importance came from the way Apaches use it for shelter and the way the structure was built.   My favorite part at Casa Grande was seeing the secret room. It had a small door and we had to almost crawl to get in the room. It was really cool. The room is really great for small kids to walk into! If I had lived at Casa Grande I probably would want the secret room as my room.

We took a few pictures of Casa Grande and then went into the museum. I was bummed that we missed the start of the video by around 3 minutes, so we took that time to do some of the activities in the Junior Ranger book. Your age

Casa Grande Ruins - Work on Junior Ranger Program
Casa Grande Ruins – Work on Junior Ranger Program

determines how many activities you have to do. Some of the activities we did were crossword puzzle, Indian words, and more. Something I learned from the program was that the Native Americans grew food differently. They grew corn, beans and squash. When planting corn, it was important to place it in the middle so the beans could grow around it. Last, the squash was on the outside to protect it all. Volunteer Nancy reviewed our activity books. She was a nice volunteer and shared a lot of information.

Besides a badge the park also has a cool patch that you get if you finish the program. That was my trip to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.