Grant-Kohrs Ranch Junior Ranger Program Kid’s Review

The following is a kid’s review of Grant-Kohrs Ranch Junior Ranger Program.

Please click on the following link for the official Grant-Kohrs Ranch Junior Ranger Program:

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The Junior Ranger program at Grant-Kohrs Ranch is designed for children ages 5-12 years old.  The Junior Ranger activity book can be picked up at the Visitor Center.  There are a total of 18 activities in the book, which are as follows:

  1. National Park Service – This activity is for both the Horse and Bulls. This is a fun activity that allows children to mark where they live and find the parks they have visited.
  2. Did you see that???? – This activity is for both the Horse and Bulls. I liked this one because it helped me observe my surroundings.
  3. People of Ranching – This activity is for both the Horse and Bulls. A great activity to understand what it took to run a ranch.
  4. It comes from where? – This activity is for the Bulls. Wow, this activity helped me see how we use all parts of a cow.  I will never look at marshmallows the same way again.
  5. Steer to Plate – This activity is for the Horses. When I did this activity it was called “Where’s the Beef?”  It is a fun maze for  the “Horse” age group.
  6. Listen…. – This activity is for both the Horse and Bulls. This activity use to be with “Did you see that???”  I liked doing these together as it helped me see and hear what was around me.
  7. Cowboy Essentials – This activity is for “anyone.” It is a word search with seven words.  I chose not to complete this activity.
  8. Saddle Up! – This activity is for “anyone.” I did not complete this activity, but it is a good activity to show how life is different today compared to old time ranching days.
  9. Then and Now – This activity is for “anyone.” I am not sure why I didn’t complete this one, as it looks fun!  It reviews the different tools women used to complete daily chores.
  10. The Ranch House – This is a two page activity for “anyone.”  The Ranch House was closed for remodeling.  I was really sad that I couldn’t go inside!
  11. Blacksmith Shop – This activity is for “anyone.”  I was lucky to have a Ranger give us a tour of the Blacksmith Shop as it was not operational at the time I visited.
  12. What am I? – This activity is for “anyone.”  Riddles are not always my favorite activity, but this will test your skills on how much you know about Grant-Kohrs Ranch
  13. Dear Home & Sincerely – This activity is for “anyone.”  A great activity to teach children about the art of writing letters (who writes anymore – I only text/email:-)
  14. Cowboy Literature – This activity is for “anyone.” This activity is lots of fun! Junior Rangers get to learn about brand lingo.
  15. Animal Babies on the Ranch – This activity is for “anyone.” I love baby animals!  I was able to see most of the animals on the ranch! A must activity!
  16. Native Tribes – This activity is for “anyone.”  An easy connect-the-dots activity!
  17. Horse’n Around – This activity is for “anyone.” Great activity for horse lovers!  Learn about the different shapes, sizes and colors of a horse’s face!
  18. Chuck Wagon – This activity is for “anyone.” One of the best activities in the book! You have to pick the “must have” items to pack on a wagon! You could only pack 1000 pounds but you had 1800 pounds worth of stuff to pick from!

For children aged 5-8 years old are “Horses” and have to complete 5 activities
For children age 9-12 years old are “Bulls” and have to complete 5 activities

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Flying A

When we went to Grant – Kohrs Ranch on June 8, 2012,  I was 9 years old, so I completed the Bulls activities. I learned a lot. We learned more about blacksmithing and farming. We also got to see chickens and cows. We also went to a Ranger program. We learned about who owned the farm and got to see pictures of inside the house. Unfortunately, we did not get to go inside because they were fixing the house.

Grant-Kohrs Ranch
Grant-Kohrs Ranch

The best part about the Ranger program was when they talked about brands. I decided my brand was a flying A. The best part was my dad doing the Junior Ranger program (Honorary Rancher Program). It was awesome. He got a cool pin. I loved Grant-Kohrs Ranch.