Golden Spike National Historic Site – Kid’s Perspective

Golden Spike National Historic Site is one of my favorite parks that I have been to. When we went they were having a reenactment. The reenactment included the 2 trains coming in there names were Jupiter and 119. I thought the funniest fact was that Stanford & Hewes (owners of the railroad) missed hammering in the golden spike so they had to get someone else to get it hammered in. We got to see the cars come by and I got to go inside one. Golden Spike is so important to history because it was the start of a faster way to get places. Golden Spike is where the last nail was hammered. It was solid gold which is now in a museum. After that we went to another Ranger talk and they told us everything to know about what happened. My favorite part was being able to go in to the train. That was my trip to Golden Spike.