Glacier National Park – Kid’s Perspective

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Glacier National Park

When we went to Glacier National Park we were there for 3 days. The first day was a little windy. We went on a small hike but did not get to finish because there was a river that was to hard to cross. The same day we went to a visitor center and watched the movie.
Glacier National Park

Outside of the Ranger Station we saw a wolf pouncing in the grass trying to get some food. We also saw a bald eagle with its babies. The next day we finished the regular Junior Ranger program. The ranger suggested that we do the Night Explorer Junior Ranger program which ended up being really fun. That day we saw at least 2 moose and a black bear with its babies walking across the mountain. I thought we were super lucky. The next day we went into the Canada part of Glacier. It was snowing. We saw this small candy store and got hot chocolate and some Turkish Delight.I had never had any before. It was so good. We also got some Canadian money as a souvenir. I was excited. We saw another moose on the way.

But the best animal we saw was a grizzly and it was at least 3 feet away from us. Thankfully we were in the car but we got some amazing pictures. It was really snowy so we had to stay at a different hotel that night. That is the end of my trip to Glacier.