City of Rocks National Reserve – Kid’s Perspective

When I went to City of Rocks National Reserve we got a private tour. We got to go in there Ranger vehicle. The best part and my favorite was the names on the rocks. There were kids that wrote their name in axle grease on the rocks back from the 1800’s. After the Ranger talk we went by ourselves on another small walk.

City of Rocks National Reserve
City of Rocks National Reserve

We had to hike in blazing hot weather, but it was fun to see all the wild flowers and rocks. We were looking for the oregon trail ruts. Unfortunately we did get to see them just they were really really faint. After the small hike we saw a 6 year old rock climbing. We all thought it was very impressive.

Also on the Ranger tour we also saw some rocks named Twin Sisters. They are not necessarily twins because one is 100 years older than the other one. The reason why City of Rocks is so important is because City of Rocks National Reserve is where the Oregon Trail splits. That was my trip to the City of Rocks National Reserve.


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