Half Dome Hike – Junior Ranger Samantha

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Junior Ranger Samantha’s Half Dome Experience

Hiking Half Dome is lots of fun. My sister and I hiked to the top of Half Dome on June 6, 2014 (Alyssa was 11 and I was 9).

In my opinion Half Dome is a wonderful hike to go on during summer break. My family had to get up at 4:00 to get our hiking stuff ready. We had to get stuff like water, food, and snacks. First, we hiked to Vernal Falls. Hiking up to Vernal Falls was amazing because I got to see it run down the huge rock and I got wet walking up to the falls. Then, I hiked up to Nevada Falls. When I hiked Nevada Falls I thought it was cool because it  was huge and it was a good spot to eat a snack. Next, I hiked to Half Dome. Going up Half Dome was not easy for me because it is really steep and I had to pull myself up. When I got to the top it was an amazing sight because I saw snow on the mountains and it felt like I could see the whole world. When I was going down my mom told me to go backwards because it is easier.  I was connected to the cables because with a harness to be safe. Walking down was really fun because  I saw a bear and I was quiet because I did not  want to scare it  away.  I also saw a bunch of squirrels, one chipmunk  and several deer. Lastly, we took the John Muir trail down. We took that trail because my family does not like steps and it is faster even though it is 1.6 miles longer.  When I got to the end, I rode on a bus to my car and put on my flip flops and had pizza that only tastes good after hiking Half Dome. Now you know how awesome it is to hike Half Dome.