Grand Canyon & Phantom Ranch – Kid’s Perspective (4 years old)

Grand Canyon National Park & Phantom Ranch
Through the Eyes of a 4 Year Old!

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In my opinion the Grand Canyon is a amazing place. I hiked the Grand Canyon in November because it is much more cooler.  The first night I was there I had s’mores and I made them on the stove in our camper. When I was hiking down my family played the animal game.  The animal game is where someone thinks of an animal and gives one hint but the animal has to be a mammal and every one has to guess what animal it is.   Also, I saw deer, a lizard, squirrels, birds, and a kangaroo rat.  My favorite part of our trip was going to Phantom Ranch.  While at Phantom Ranch, I ate the best stew ever called Phantom Ranch Stew.   I had lemonade before dinner because I hiked down without complaining when I was 4. When I was done with my dinner I did the junior ranger program.  The next day I hiked up the canyon. When I hiked up the canyon  I saw the Colorado River for about two miles.

Note for Samantha’s Parents: Samantha and Alyssa both did a wonderful job hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!  Samantha was 4 when she made the hike and lead the hike both ways.  Both girls inspired other hikers as they passed them on the trail.  The tricks to a successful hike:

1) Have fun (play games)
2) Look for wildlife
3) Keep telling your children how proud you are of them. Encouraging words go along ways!
4) LOTS of water and snacks
5) Take your time and be prepared to walk in the dark (we made it up while it was just getting dark)
6) Reward your children with ice cream before dinner (or any other special treat).  Our children are not given ice cream at home, so this is always a special treat!


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