Yellowstone Junior Ranger – Winter Experience

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Yellowstone – Winter Experience

Completing the Yellowstone Junior Ranger Program in the winter time is a special experience!

In December of 2010 we went to Yellowstone in the snow. My favorite part was seeing old faithful erupt high in the air. After that we went on a hike and saw 10 geysers. We saw Castle Geyser erupt. Some of my favorite sights I saw on our trip was the beehive heart geyser and Black Sand basin. I was mad that Old Faithful Lodge was not open because it was not winterized.

As I look back on my experience, it was very special visiting Yellowstone in the winter.  I have been to Yellowstone in both summer and winter; I think winter is the best time to go. Make sure your parents ask for a cabin instead of a hotel room as it makes the experience so much fun. Part of the fun of visiting Yellowstone in the winter is the fact that you have to take a special vehicle to get in to Yellowstone. Old faithful was very pretty. There is something special about seeing Old Faithful erupt with snow around it! It is super cool seeing the geyser go up and down up and down. We also saw lots of other geysers that were really pretty. When visiting Yellowstone in the winter, be careful walking as there is a lot of ice.  While there we got to go snowshoeing.  I really enjoyed that because we pretended we were ice-skating which is a lot of fun.  My favorite experience while in Yellowstone was digging snow tunnels with my family.

The heart geyser is just like its name it is shaped as a heart. I thought that was cool to see a natural made geyser in the shape of the heart. We did the junior ranger program. This time I got to do the older version of the Junior Ranger Program. When you do the junior ranger program in the winter you earn a special badge. One of the things you have to do is attend a Ranger talk. They talked about how buffaloes and other animals survive. I even got to try on a buffalo skin. I got hot fast. We also had to look at snowflakes and study them with a magnifying glass. My favorite out of all of the activities is you had to take the temperature of the snow. We had to first take the temperature of the snow on top and then we had to dig down. If you go there also do the young scientist program to get an extra badge. It is also a lot of fun. When we went we saw lots of buffalo. I mean lots. Big ones, baby ones, mamma, and big poop. We did not see any bears because they were hibernating. But if you go in the spring you will see some. When we went in the spring we saw 2 bears kissing, which was super cool. That is the end of my trip to Yellowstone.


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