Grand Canyon & Phantom Ranch – Kid’s Perspective

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As I reflect back on my trip to the Grand Canyon a few years later, I really enjoyed hiking the Grand Canyon.  The fact that my sister and I were so young when we hiked made us the talk of the trail (my sister was 4 and I just turned 7 at the time). If you would like to hike the Grand Canyon make sure you can get a place to stay before you go down there. Or you can stay in a campground. I really liked staying in a cabin at Phantom Ranch though. While hiking down we practiced my math facts and by the time we got to the bottom I had memorized all my facts. That is a good educational activity to make the hike go faster.  Also while we hiked down we saw lots of animals.  We saw a bird, deer, squirrels, and a Kangaroo Rat that was cool. I really enjoyed hiking to the bottom, it was fun. The canyon is a beautiful place with lots of colorful rocks. Phantom Ranch was a cool place to stay. There were beautiful trees there. We also took a picture near my favorite tree. We stayed in a cabin with 4 beds and ate in the dining hall. We had Phantom Ranch stew. The stew was so good that we talked my dad into making it for us during the winter. While down there someone was so impressed that we hiked it at our age that they gave us a 5 dollar bill to buy lemonade before we left as a special treat. If you go down to Phantom Ranch and do a special Junior Ranger Program you get a special badge that you cannot get anywhere else. One of the things I learned while completing the special junior ranger program was that there were many people trying to explore the Colorado River and died. When we hiked back up we hiked the Bright Angel trail. We got to walk along the Colorado River for 2 miles and also saw a mule train come down the path.  Once we got to the top we got ice cream before dinner. In our family it is a tradition to get ice cream when we go on a big hike. The next day we went to the Ranger station and got another badge for doing the regular Junior Ranger Program that they had. We also went to the Ranger headquarters to see dad’s old school mate Mike Archer. That is the end of my trip to the Grand Canyon.