Death Valley Experience – Kid’s Perspective

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Death Valley Junior Ranger Experience through the eyes of a 7 year old!

When we arrived we went on a hike. I got to feel Marble. People cut the marble and made the marble into a tables.  As I remember I felt the marble and it was so smooth. There was one rock that I called mermaid rock because it looks like one of Ariel’s rock that she poses on. The rocks also had so many beautiful patterns on them. The next day we got the Junior Ranger program.

The second day, we went to Scotty’s castle. As I remember as we were walking up to Scotty’s castle my sister tripped and scraped her hands. It was a minor issue but, a reminder not to run. It was a very pretty place we took lots of pictures. I even remember having to go to the area with a cross and take a picture because I thought it was cool. After that we went to the Bottle House right out of Death Valley. I really liked that place! The whole place is a Ghost Town which is super cool. My favorite part was the bottle house.

The 3rd day we went on a walk with a Ranger and he talked about the Bighorn Sheep. I even got to hold one. I thought that was pretty awesome. The horns on him were so BIG. Then we went to Bad Water Basin. That was a cool place. I think it is amazing that we got to go to the lowest part in the USA. It felt cool. After that we went to my favorite place during the whole trip. It was the sand dunes. I really liked the sand dunes because of what we played. What we did is there was a hill and we would go to the top. I would start rolling off the hill with Samantha right behind me. Once we were at the bottom I would pretend to fall to my side and Samantha would fall on top of me. My mom got some really good pictures at the sand dunes. That is the end of my Death Valley trip.