Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge #4

Carson Pass to Showers Lake

Today (July 26, 2014) we went on the Tahoe Rim Challenge #4. It was a 9.6 mile hike. We had lots of fun. The highlight of the trip was the Go cam. The go cam is a camera that takes pictures for you. You can set it to a half a second to 1 minute. We decided to do it every 10 seconds to make a stop motion animation. I do not think it will work because ten seconds is way too big of a gap but we will see. The hike was to a lake called Showers Lake. It was a really beautiful lake. On the way there Samantha was the leader. Also on the way to the lake we took a detour to see an old house. It was pretty cool but we found that the backdoor lock was gone and the latch was open. So we took a picture of the door to send to the Tahoe Rim Trail Association. When we got to the lake we ate our delicious Bobo Bar. They are very filling and good. We took some more pictures and were about to leave when we saw a cool duck egg. We took a picture of the egg and then left. On the way back I got to be leader. My favorite part of the hike was seeing all the beautiful flowers and cool trees!  The mountains still had snow on them! The whole time back I was way ahead of the family. They were really slow. When we were about half of a mile left unfortunately our camera died. When we finished the hike we went to the store and bought ice cream. I really enjoyed hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge 4.

Tahoe Rim Trail


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