Red Rock Ranger

Southeast Utah is famous for its canyons, rivers and lots of red rock. Exploring this amazing landscape can be a great adventure that takes you to a bunch of different places. These different places are all connected in some very special ways.

Utah State and National Park Junior Rangers learn what makes each of these places unique. As you become a Red Rock Ranger, you will learn what all of these fascinating places have in common and how they are all connected.

I searched the internet for information on the Red Rock Ranger program and could not find anything. My family visited Southeast Utah from March 28 – 31, 2010. We first visited Arches National Park and at that time were informed about the Red Rock Ranger program. The following are the requirements for becoming a Red Rock Ranger:

1. Visit at least two National and one State Park in the Southeast Utah region and complete their Junior Ranger booklets. National Parks include: Arches, Canyonlands, Hovenweep and Natural Bridges. State Parks include: Dead Horse Point, Edge of the Cedars and Goblin Valley.
2. Complete all the activities in the Red Rock Ranger book. There are eight activities to complete, which include: Mapping the parks you visited, listing the top five things you should travel with in the desert, listing your favorite rock formation, drawing an imaginary desert plant or animal, writing a short story about the past, creating a poster telling people about “living soil”, writing about what you enjoyed and how to protect parks.
3. Return your completed book to the last park you visit to receive a Red Rock Ranger Patch.

Alyssa really enjoyed completing this book (Be advised that the child needs to be able to read and write to complete this book). She returned the booklet to Arches National Park, and received her Red Rock Ranger patch on the last day of our visit. The booklet really makes the child think about the desert and its surrounding. It also reinforces the importance of protecting our nations parks.

There is still so much to explore in the Southeast Utah area. I looked forward to going back.


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