Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum

Please click on the following link for the official Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum Junior Archaeologist Program web page:


The Junior Archaeologist program is aimed at children ages 6 to 12. To become a Junior Archaeologist, the child needs to explore the Edge of the Cedars Museum to answer questions in the activity booklet, look for petroglyphs and pictographs and draw their favorite one, then visit the Edge of the Cedars Pueblo to answer additional questions in the activity booklet. After completing the activity booklet, return to the visitor center to receive an Edge of the Cedars Junior Ranger Archeologist button.


My family visited Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum on March 29, 2010. We were there for approximately 2 hours exploring the museum and pueblo. Even though the program is aimed at children ages 6 to 12, both Alyssa and Samantha participated. Alyssa was seven at the time, but both girls definitely needed help locating answers in the activity booklet. Some of the activities were age appropriate and others more difficult.

The girls really enjoyed exploring the pueblo. The Kiva had been restored and we were able to climb down inside it. After exploring the pueblo, the girls returned to the visitor center and received their Junior Archeologist buttons.

I would like to see Edge of the Cedars update their activity book and put more activities for younger children. Museums aren’t always exciting for children and by adding a few more activities would give them a purpose to be there. I would also like to see an upgrade from the button to a patch.

Also, as I will be discussing in the Red Rock Ranger posting, Edge of the Cedars counts as one of the State Parks visited towards becoming a Red Rock Ranger.


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