Coronado National Memorial Junior Ranger Program

Please click on the following link for the official Coronado National Memorial Junior Ranger page:

The Junior Ranger program at Coronado National Memorial is designed for children ages 5 – 12 years old. The Junior Ranger activity book can be picked up at the Visitor Center. There are a total of 11 activities in the book, which are as follows:

1. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado – Watch the Visitor Center Video and circle items you saw or heard about.
2. What did Coronado & his men wear? – Look around the Visitor Center and draw a picture of a least 3 itmes that Coronado & his men may have worn. You can even try some of the items on.
3. Who am I? – Read descriptions of animals and look at pictures in the Visitor Center.
4. Coronado’s Expedition – Unscramble words of places where Coronado explored and then place them on a map.
5. Coronado Cave Exploration – Explore Coronado Cave and answer questions.
6. Across the Border – Match Spanish words with the corresponding English word.
7. National Park Dilemmas-What would you do? – Answer questions about preserving and protecting National Parks.
8. Walk Through Nature – Take a short nature walk and draw a picture of one of the plants you see.
9. National Park Units in Arizona – Word search puzzle
10. View from Montezuma Pass – answer questions about the pass.
11. Am I Lost? – Circle items you should always bring when hiking.

Children ages 5-8 need to complete 4 activities.
Children ages 9-12 need to complete 7 activities.

My family visited Coronado National Memorial on April 5, 2009. Both my 4 year old and 6 year old daughter completed the program. There were plenty of activities that were age appropriate for my six year old. Even though the program was for ages 5 and up, with a little help from mom and dad, there were also enough age appropriate activities for our 4 year old.

The girls completed the necessary activities at the visitor center. Once the books were complete, they turned them in to Ranger Katy Hooper. Ranger Hooper was great with the girls and spent several minutes with them going over their activity books. She had recently relocated to Coronado National Memorial from Saguaro National Park and stated that we were her first Junior Rangers at Coronado.

After the girls took the Coronado National Memorial Pledge they were awarded with a Coronado National Memorial Junior Ranger Patch and Badge. The patch definitely represented Coronado National Memorial. The badge however was a generic badge with Coronado hand written. Ranger Hooper did not know while they did not have their own printed Junior Ranger badge. Please see below for a scanned picture of the patch.

There were two main things to do at Coronado National Memorial:
1. Explore Coronado Cave
2. Drive to Montezuma Pass

We arrived in the afternoon and did not have time to explore the cave. If you do visit Coronado National Memorial, don’t forget to take a flashlight. If you do forget, they do sell flashlights in the visitor center.

We did drive to Montezuma Pass. Montezuma Pass is a few miles past the Visitor Center. Be advised that most of the drive to the pass is a dirt/gravel road with switchbacks, but is well worth the view. Keep a look out for Javelinas on your way up. We spotted a few on the way up to the pass, however, they were not around for long. When the vehicle stopped, they took off.