World War II Valor in the Pacific

Please click on the following link for the official World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument Junior Ranger web page:

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On December 5, 2008, President Bush designated the World War II – Valor in the Pacific National Monument, which includes the USS Arizona Memorial. The USS Arizona Memorial has two Junior Ranger books. One of the books is called the USS Arizona Memorial Junior Ranger Guide Book and is available for free at the USS Arizona Memorial Visitor Center and the other is called the USS Arizona Memorial Junior Ranger Activity Book which can be downloaded from the following link creative writing stories about death or purchased for $5.95 at the Arizona Memorial Museum Association book store or online at,12.html. When purchasing the Junior Ranger Activity Book, you also get a USS Arizona Memorial Junior Ranger Patch. By completing either book and showing it to a Ranger at the Visitor Center, you will earn a USS Arizona Memorial Badge.

My family visited the USS Arizona Memorial on December 15, 2009. When you visit, you need to get a free tour ticket for the 23-minute documentary film depicting the attack on Pearl Harbor and the short boat trip to the memorial. When we arrived, the memorial wasn’t very busy and we were able to attend a tour within about 20 minutes of our arrival. Be advised – due to heightened security, items such as backpacks and purses, that allow concealment were not allowed into the park.

I printed the Junior Ranger Activity Book prior to arriving at the memorial and Alyssa, my seven year old daughter completed all of the activities prior to arriving at the park. I have explored both the park’s website and both Junior Ranger books and have not been able to locate a recommended age level for the USS Arizona Memorial Junior Ranger program. Alyssa did need some help from us in completing the program. I would not recommend the program to a child younger than 7 years old.

While at the memorial, we met Ranger David Tam. Ranger Tam spent several minutes with Alyssa while she asked him questions about the USS Arizona. Ranger Tam was very helpful.

Upon returning to the Visitor Center, Alyssa turned in her completed book to Ranger Christopher Derman and she received her Junior Ranger Badge. We then purchased the Guide Book from the bookstore, which included the Junior Ranger Patch.

This was the third time I visited the memorial. During my previous visits, it was not called the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument. There are five sites in the Pearl Harbor area, including the USS Utah Memorial, the USS Oklahoma Memorial, the six Chief Petty Officer Bungalows on Ford Island and Battleship Row mooring quays. I was unaware of these sites until after we left and therefore we did not visit them.