Cabrillo National Monument Junior Ranger Program

Please click on the following link for the official Cabrillo National Monument Junior Ranger web page: can pick up a Junior Ranger Activity Book at the visitor center. There are three levels activities for Junior Rangers: ages 4 or 5, ages 6 or 7 and 8 and older. Once completed you return the workbook to the visitor center. A Ranger will check your work and give you an official badge and certificate. Cabrillo National Monument does not have a Junior Ranger Patch.

In this blog, I will discuss the requirements for completing the booklet for all ages.

Requirements for completing Junior Ranger Activity Book:
If you are 4 or 5, complete at least 3 activities.
If you are 6 or 7, complete at least 5 activities.
If you are 8 or older, try to complete the whole booklet.

The Junior Ranger can complete the following activities:
1. People on Point Loma – color the different people who lived or visited Point Loma.
2. Who? What? Where? When? – Try on a helmet and hold a sword. Create a portrait of Cabrillo and color it.
3. Take a Picture! – Go outside the visitor center and draw a picture of what you see and what you may have seen if you could go back in time.
4. Help Cabrillo Pack His Ship – Go to the Cabrillo exhibit and draw a line to where objects should be placed on the ship.
5. Watchout for Wildlife – Word search puzzle.
6. Listen Up – Go to a quiet place and listen to the sounds you hear.
7. Ten-Hut! – Go to the military history exhibit and answer questions.
8. Timeless Toys – Circle toys you have played with.
9. Point Loma Lighthouses – connect the dots to build the old and new lighthouses.
10. Help the Gray Whales Find Their Way North – Maze puzzle.
11. Totally Cool Tidepools – Visit the tidepools and then match the tidepool species with its tidal zone.
12. Where in the World? – Mark where you live on a map and where you have been.

My family visited Cabrillo National Monument on November 18, 2008. We first went to the visitor center and got the Junior Ranger Activity Book. We had some time before the video of Cabrillo started, so my daughter started to complete the activity book and tried on a helmet and held a sword. You can try them on in the visitor center.

We then watched the 20 minute video about Cabrillo and his adventures.

After the video, we explored the military history exhibit and the lighthouse. My daughter really liked the lighthouse. You couldn’t go into the rooms, but they had furnishings from the late 1800’s.

At the lighthouse, there were a couple of benches. We sat at one of the benches and my daughter completed the required activities. We then returned to the visitor center. Volunteer Bonnie McDonough reviewed her book and then announced over the loud speaker that they had a new Junior Ranger. She was presented with a certificate and badge. Please see the scanned image below.

Cabrillo National Monument is a fairly small park, but there are lots of things to see. The Junior Ranger program was easy to complete for my six year old daughter, but at the same time she learned a lot.

Cabrillo also has a “Just for Kids” paper. The paper also has a Junior Ranger program for children in third grade and up. You can ask for the paper in the visitor center.