Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve

Please click on the following link for the Official Craters of the Moon Junior Ranger Program:

Kids of all ages can pick up a Junior Ranger booklet at the Visitor Center Desk. Kids 5-8 years old must complete 3 of the 6 activities found in the paper, and kids 9 and older must complete 4, in order to earn a Junior Ranger Badge and get sworn in as a Junior Ranger. Activities include attending Ranger Programs, finishing the games in the paper, collecting a small bag of trash, hiking one of the trails in the monument, and others. There is no fee for the program.

In this blog, I will discuss the requirements of completing the Junior Ranger Program for ages 5 to 8 years old and discuss what activities my daughter completed to become a Junior Ranger.

Requirements for Junior Ranger ages 5 to 8 years old.

Complete 3 of the following activities:

1. Attend any Ranger Program
2. Attend a second Ranger Program
3. Complete the games in the Junior Ranger booklet
4. Collect a small bag of trash or three aluminum cans
5. Take a walk on any trail in the monument

The visitor center is right off the main road. We visited the monument on June 6, 2008. When we arrived at Craters of the Moon, it was very windy. We went to the front desk and got, The Craters Explorer, which is the Junior Ranger booklet. The staff at the monument were extremely courteous. The program was fairly simple to complete, my three year old daughter completed the program also. We watched two videos: A Trip to the Moon and Among the Craters of the Moon. These videos counted towards both Ranger Program requirements. We then walked on the Devils Orchard Nature Trail which was paved, .5 miles long with no elevation gain. Due to being so windy we did not explore the park any further.

We went back to the visitor center after completing our walk and my daughters turned in their booklets. They both took the Junior Ranger pledge and received a certificate and a badge for completing the program. Please see badge below.

This is were I found out that not all parks give out patches. I was very disappointed about that. The patches we received at Yellowstone and Grand Teton were very nice and could last a lifetime. The badges are plastic, for the most part look the same for all parks and scratch easily, but I will leave that for another discussion.