Devils Postpile National Monument Junior Ranger Program

Please click on the following link for the official Devils Postpile National Monument Junior Ranger page:

Two Junior Ranger booklets are offered by the Monument: one for ages four to seven, the other for ages eight and up. Once the booklet is completed and the Junior Ranger oath is taken, the Junior Ranger will receive a Junior Ranger Badge. Devils Postpile National Monument currently does not offer a patch. You can pick up the booklet at the Ranger Station inside the monument and there is no fee for the program.

In this blog, I will discuss the requirements for completing the booklet for ages four to seven.

Requirements for Junior Ranger ages four to seven.

* Complete seven or more activities in the Junior Ranger booklet.

The activities are as follows:

* Discovery Walk – walk to the Postpile and explore the monument
* Soda Springs Meadow Maze – maze puzzle in booklet
* San Joaquin River Safety – pick the safe way to cross a river
* Geology of Devils Postpile – Sketch the formations from the base and top
* Hug-A-Tree and Survive – Tips to not get lost in the forest
* Black Bears – maze puzzle in booklet
* Every Animal Eats – draw a line from each animal to its natural food
* Nature Find Adventure – Look for items and draw pictures of them
* The Arrowhead – activity about the NPS symbol
* Taking Care of Devils Postpile – questions about protecting national parks

We visited Devils Postpile National Monument on August 6, 2008.

Please be aware that you must take a tram to the monument. There is also a transportation fee per person. Your America the Beautiful Pass can not be used. Please see the following link for additional information:

The tram drops you off at the Ranger Station. It is a fairly easy walk to the Postpile, and is not that difficult to walk to the top. The Junior Ranger Program was also quite simple to complete. My five year old daughter completed all of the activities with little help. After we returned from our hike, we sat on a picnic table behind the Ranger Station and my daughter completed the rest of the activities not done on the hike. She then took the completed book back to the Ranger Station, took the Ranger oath and was given her Devils Postpile Junior Ranger badge. Please see the scanned photo below.

The staff at the Ranger Station were extremely nice and helpful. They even let my three year old daughter participate in the program. It wasn’t as easy for her and she was unable to complete all the activities; however, it was enough to earn a Junior Ranger Badge.

This is an absolutely beautiful and amazing monument and I encourage all to go.